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From the London Olympics to Gangnam Style, 2012 was an epic year to be a Stumbler. Now, let's celebrate.

  • Every day from December 11 to December 13, we'll publish a new List of the Day.
  • For your chance to win, all you have to do is Stumble through the List of the Day.
  • Each day, one lucky winner will Stumble into prizes like a NOOK® HD Snow 8GB!

Come back and play every day

We'll publish the new List of the Day every day at midnight. You're only eligible to win the first time you Stumble through the List of the Day, so Stumbling the List multiple times won't improve your chances (but will make your day more epic).

The Lists

  1. Dec 11

    2012's Most Epic LOLs

  2. Dec 12

    2012's Most Amazing Images

  3. Dec 13

    2012's Most Quotable Quotes

The Winners

  1. deadliest-warrio

    $50 Amex Gift Card

    Dec 11 deadliest-warrio

  2. bfidelibus

    $100 Amex Gift Card

    Dec 12 bfidelibus

  3. k3l4d0r

    NOOK® HD Snow 8GB!

    Dec 13 k3l4d0r

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