StumbleUpon for iPhone and iPad

Surprise Yourself. Everywhere.

If the Internet is an ocean of awesome, then StumbleUpon is a custom-fitted diving suit that lets you explore epic stuff that you love. Stumble on your iPhone or iPad to splash around in a sea of amazingness.

  • Organize your Likes into Lists to go back to your favorite Stumbles later, and follow Lists created by other Stumblers.
  • Your colorful StumbleDNA visually represents the different Interests that you follow and showcases what you Like most.
  • Use the Slide feature to discover fun facts about your Stumbles and why you’re seeing them.

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Discover Epic Stuff

Choose from over 500 Interests to see amazing photos, videos and web pages personalized just for you.

Save All the Stuff You Love with Lists

Collect your favorite Stumbles by saving them to custom Lists, from Killer Recipes to Exercise Ideas.

Stumble Socially

Share your coolest discoveries with friends via Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, email or carrier pigeon.