StumbleUpon for Android

StumbleUpon | a more interesting world.

StumbleUpon is the easiest way to discover and share cool new stuff on the Internet. Stumble with your Android phone or tablet to make discovery a part of your daily journey.

NEW for the Android app:

  • Check out your friends’ Activity, the hottest Trending Stumbles or new stuff Recommended just for you from the new dynamic home screen.
  • Your colorful StumbleDNA shows off what you’re interested in and makes it easier to find other Stumblers with similar Interests.
  • NEW for Android 4.0: Use the resizable widget to preview interesting stuff on your device’s home screen without launching the app.

Questions? See our Help Center for Android.

Android QR CodeTo use the QR Code point your Android device at the screen. Your barcode reader will automatically read the code and take you to the StumbleUpon app on Google Play.

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