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It’s been 8 weeks since we released a beta version of the new StumbleUpon, and now that we’ve had some time to take in all the feedback we wanted to give a quick update on what’s next.

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who has given the new StumbleUpon a try. This was the biggest update we’ve ever made, and overall we’ve had a positive response to the new design. Our user tests have shown that the new interface is easier to use, with new members learning how to rate and share more easily. This is great to see, since the primary goal of this update was to make Stumbling easier for everyone.

As with any big release, we are still iterating based on your feedback. Our redesign involved rewriting a huge part of our codebase to make it more streamlined. This gives us a new foundation to build upon in the future. Now that the hard part is nearly done, we’ll be focusing on building new features in the next couple months. Thanks to everyone for your feedback and suggestions as we’ve worked out all the bugs and small issues – most of them are now fixed thanks to your help.

Updates to StumbleBar, Direct Links and Iframe

We’ve recently heard some concerns over the implementation of our new Web StumbleBar, so we wanted to give a quick update on fixes we’ve just made. We have always used an iframe to display the Web StumbleBar and site content together; our redesigned StumbleBar works just like it did before. Our previous StumbleBar design included an ‘X’ button (to close the iframe if you wanted to view the original URL) but we didn’t initially make this as part of the redesign for signed-in members. We received several requests for this feature over the last few weeks, so as of today we will be adding this back in for signed-in members. This lets you hide the StumbleBar to see the original link, and simply click back afterwards to return to Stumbling.

As before, if you’d rather not use an iframe to Stumble, we have StumbleUpon add-ons for most browsers to give you one-click access to Stumbling and Liking/Disliking at any time. If you Stumble a lot, we suggest getting one of these add-ons, which display the original URL every time you Stumble.

To ensure webmasters’ content gets proper credit from our domain, we have added a link from our web page’s Info page to the original URL. This update will enable search engines to properly crawl content as they did in our old design.

We also made some changes to our recommendation algorithm in early January, to show more content from high-quality web pages that match people’s interests. As with any algorithm change it is difficult to predict exactly how it will affect different types of web pages. So if you’re a site owner and have experienced a change in your traffic from StumbleUpon over the last month or so, please let us know so we can investigate further.

What’s Coming Up

We have several new features in the works and we’d love to hear from you as we roll them out in the next couple months. We’ll be creating an activity feed of content Liked by your friends, and make it easier to connect with people you know. We’ll also be adding search for your Likes to find specific content you have enjoyed in the past. We’re also investigating ways of organizing one’s Likes, so groups of similar content can be shared with others. We plan to start migrating everyone into the new StumbleUpon design in early March, at which point these features will start to roll out.

Thanks for your support as we’ve refined our new design. As always, if you have any comments or suggestions please visit to let us know. StumbleUpon is a work in progress, and with your help we’ll make it as easy as possible to discover new and interesting things.


- gmc

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