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Our users love stunning photos like this one from National Geographic.

One of the great characteristics of StumbleUpon is that most of our content comes from users like you! When you come across awesome web pages we encourage you to add it for other Stumblers to enjoy.

With over 500 Interests and hundreds of thousands of key words and phrases to explore, there are lots of ways to StumbleUpon great content. There’s something for everyone, from stunning photos, to inspirational videos, and even napping tips!

Each Stumbler is different, so there’s no magic formula for the perfect Stumble. However, there are some common traits that determine whether a web page is received well or poorly by the Stumble community. We hope these tips will help you know what type of content works best and what doesn’t. I’ll cover just a few:

1. Visually appealing content. Stumblers love to see great visual content. Photography does very well, as does other visually rich content. (Infographics and original photos are always a hit. Just make sure to give credit to the source if it’s not your own!)

2. Intriguing content. Users love a good story. Content that pulls the audience in and keeps them interested is sure to keep Stumblers happy.

3. Creative content. Check out this great blog post from Katie, our Social Media Manager, on why our users love to Stumble creative and original content. Here’s one of my favorite creative web pages on clever inventions.

4. Inspiring content. Thought provoking and compelling web pages are prime candidates to be Liked. Check out this gem about a track star with no legs who beat the odds!

Oscar Pistorious helps inspire our Stumblers to be great! (source:

While it’s helpful to understand what content resonates with our Stumblers it’s just as important to understand the opposite. Here are some tips about what doesn’t work so well on StumbleUpon:

1. Banned content. We have strict guidelines to ensure that our Stumblers have the best experience possible. Read about some reasons why we would ban a web page from StumbleUpon.

2. Ad-heavy content. Our Stumblers are engaged by interesting and creative content like A Study in Brand Minimalism. If content includes a lot of intrusive ads, it’s much more likely to be disliked and thumbed down. A good rule of thumb is if there are more ads than real content, it probably won’t be received well by our members.

3. Poor design. Everyone has different tastes, but content that appears to have been designed in 10 minutes or by someone that just learned simple HTML doesn’t stand a great chance of performing well with our Stumblers! Luckily these Stumbles are not too common, since our savvy members typically only Like and add quality web pages.

4. Slow loading pages. Everyone loves to Stumble from web page to web page, but no one likes to wait. If content takes more than a few seconds to load, our users won’t Like it.

When adding a great web page you’ve found, think about what Stumblers Like most. Is it something you would Like?

The Ads and Content Quality Team loves to Stumble great content.
From left to right: Rishvika, Trey, and Cyrus ‘support’ our fearless leader Bruna!

Thanks for reading. Keep on adding great content!

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