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After months of testing and coding we are excited to offer the new StumbleUpon as the standard version for all Stumblers. Your feedback and suggestions have been very helpful and led to a ton of improvements during the transition. With all Stumblers on the latest version, we can now focus on building cool new features and functionality. So with this update, we’re including a few new enhancements:

New Signed-in Homepage

Our new signed-in homepage shows you recently liked content from your Friends, Channels and Interests every time you sign into StumbleUpon. This is a beta feature which you can activate in the new Labs section accessible from the Settings tab. Our Labs page is where we will test new features on a regular basis. This will give interested Stumblers a preview of upcoming changes so we can get feedback and make refinements before releasing them to everyone.

Searching Your Likes

It’s now easier and faster to search your Likes so you can find and revisit pages you’ve liked in the past. We are using a brand new search platform which will make it much faster for people who have liked a lot of pages. You can also search other Stumblers’ Likes by visiting their Profile pages.

New Chrome Extension

Download the latest extension for Chrome that has been updated to match the new StumbleUpon. The new StumbleBar for Chrome has been redesigned to be simpler and more consistent with the StumbleBar for Web.

Site Tour

We’ve created a quick tour to show you where everything is in the new layout. If you have any questions about these new features feel free to contact us and we’ll share some tips.

In addition to these site updates, we recently released updates to our iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps to have a new visual layout. You can get the latest versions here.

Thanks for all your feedback during this transition. It has been the biggest upgrade we’ve ever made, and we appreciate your patience throughout the process. If you have any requests regarding new features or functionality you’d like to see in StumbleUpon, please suggest them here and we will discuss with our product team. We will be creating new features and testing them in Labs based on these suggestions, so any ideas or comments are appreciated. :)


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