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I am pleased to announce that we just hired our first Vice President of Sales. Her name is Teal Newland and she was most recently at Digitas, partnering with leading brands
to make creative, online experiences. Prior to Digitas, Newland was the head of brand strategy for Disney Innovation (part of The Walt Disney Company), where she oversaw digital creative, social and media strategy across all Disney lines of business.

Teal will be working with our sales team to help advertisers connect with their target customers using our Paid Discovery platform. We look forward to bringing her expertise to our world, connecting brands with native experiences online.

But let’s stop talking business for a second and get to know the real Teal. Teal is a world traveler and inhabitant. She grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but has lived in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, London, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica and Paraguay. Her family is originally from Iowa and she is a big Hawkeye football fan.

Teal is a big believer in food as entertainment, so she tries new restaurants and cooking classes at least once a month — though from what she tells me, it’s usually more eating and less cooking. And when she’s not diving into culinary pursuits you might find her out on the running trail or in the yoga studio.

Teal lives in Brooklyn, New York, and will be based in our office in Manhattan.

Welcome, Teal!

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