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Ready to take your StumbleUpon membership to the next level?

Do you know the StumbleUpon site and StumbleBar like the back of your hand? Are you in touch with what makes StumbleUpon tick and our community at large? Do you have an addiction to StumbleUpon on a daily if not hourly basis? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then keep reading!

We here at StumbleUpon are looking to recruit a savvy group of Stumblers to help us on our mission to make StumbleUpon the best it can be. We’re looking for members who are champions in adding value and contributing to the daily conversations that take place about StumbleUpon. We’ve given this elite group the esteemed title of “The Council” and would call upon them for a variety of tasks including (drum-roll please):

Feedback and Insider Knowledge:

  • Give us valuable feedback on new features we’re considering developing
  • Test out new features and improvements before we release them to the whole StumbleUpon community
  • Provide general input about StumbleUpon and ways we can improve the service
  • Meet with the StumbleUpon team and the rest of The Council in person (as well as via conference call) to discuss your perspectives


Public Love and Endeavors:

  • Be a general StumbleUpon advocate in your social networks
  • Promote StumbleUpon in your daily personal life
  • Organize and host StumbleUpon-sponsored meet-ups in your city
  • Help other Stumblers organize their own meet-ups in their towns
  • Represent StumbleUpon at exclusive events and important meet-ups


And always…

  • Be an advocate for all things StumbleUpon!


Ideal candidates will be connected and influential in their social networks as well as willing to bring a real-world element to their evangelizing of StumbleUpon. From spreading the word through hosting a dinner party to discuss StumbleUpon, attending an event as our official rep or dishing out swag at a local party, we need YOU to be the voice and face of our StumbleUpon community. Overall we want someone who has a great presence on StumbleUpon and off – someone who can go the extra mile to incorporate StumbleUpon into their daily lives and activities.

If you’re interested we encourage you to apply! Bring your A-Game to your application, and after reading through everyone’s submissions, we will reach out to 10-12 of the most well-rounded Stumblers that seem to be the best fit.

Ready to apply? Click this link to start the process.

Looking forward to reading all of your lovely apps and connecting with you more!

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