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Your love for us, expressed all over the interwebs often in the form of tweets like “StumbleUpon is the best thing ever invented,” has sparked ideas for fun contests, such as a Haiku challenge we ran in April last year or the StumbleUpon Cookie Bakeoff launched on our Facebook fan page. We always get the warm and fuzzies when you tell us how much you love StumbleUpon. We especially enjoy hearing how StumbleUpon is like a friend who’s always ready to play, surprising you, making you laugh, showing you things you wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

All your awesome submissions to both these contests made us realize we really need a poetry contest for Valentine’s Day. So, last Friday, we asked you to tell us how much you love StumbleUpon by writing a love poem to SU. The contest received 162 entries, and we’ve spent the last few days reading all of them, astonished at how creative our users are. We’ve narrowed it down to a few great ones, but since we can only choose one winner for the $100 American Express gift card prize, we decided to send a StumbleUpon T-shirt to our 2nd and 3rd choices. The winner of the poetry slam is:

Michelle Franczek
You’re there for me through the night, clicking along till morning light.
You get me through good times and bad, all kinds of sites funny and sad.
My heart is yours, I promise you, I’ll click share to spread what’s new!
StumbleUpon will you be mine, I know we’ll be together till the end of time!

Our 2nd and 3rd choices (and the SU tees) go to:

Debra Palmer
To wander your pages, an intimate quest
So in love, I Stumble like one possessed
You’ve got me hooked, I can’t help but press
Your button once more, our own strange caress…

Stacy Sloss
To stumble so sudden, my heart, it yearns.
For the web to be woven, for something to learn.
One day, I hope, we’re destined to meet.
That discovery, the knowledge, a most victorious feat.

And since we got so many good submissions, here are a few others that we absolutely loved:

Alex Sebok
Right when I thought the Internet was tired
I stumbled upon a site that sets that address bar higher
You guys put the world in the palm of my hands
Now I’m caught up in the truest whirlwind Internet romance.

Stephanie Eatough
Before i met you, i stumbled in the dark.
Now i impress with my knowledge of art.
A life without you would be harder to bare.
Love is about being able to share.

Dana Davis Brandt
Before Stumble, I was lost and wasting most,
Of everyday looking for an interesting post,
Thank you Stumble for freeing up so much time,
that I can sit here today and try to rhyme.

Cecily Green
I stumble even though my feet don’t touch the ground
I tremble when i hear the sound
of my Internet come alive
Oh StumbleUpon where were you in 1995?

Forrest James Minteer
without you i sat knowing not what do view
aimlessly clicking with not much to do
but soon i found you and what love did i spawn
i love you so much dear StumbleUpon

Dhaivat Kotecha
You held my hand when I was lonely,
I love thee, my one and only,
How else would I know Japan was called Nippon,
Be my valentine, O dear StumbleUpon.

Tony Joseph Goreczny
The world’s a big place and I just love to learn,
about race cars, spaceships, idiots, and ferns.
without you, I don’t know what I would do,
cause I keep stumbling head over heels for you!

Congrats everyone! We’ll ask the winners to contact us at community[at] from the email address associated with their SU Account so we can arrange delivery of your prizes.

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