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For many of our users, StumbleUpon is a major source of ideas for everyday needs and activities. In this “Using StumbleUpon To…” blog series, we’ll explore how StumbleUpon can give us a place to start with seemingly-overwhelming tasks – and make them fun too!

Keep track of Stumbler Deb as she and her husband Dave blog about Stumbling across Europe.

You’ve got two weeks off, a severe case of wanderlust, and a million ideas for where you could go – or none at all! Use StumbleUpon in every stage of your destination research.

Discover new places

You head to StumbleUpon and select the Travel, Environment, Outdoors, and Photography topics and stumble through different destination ideas. You stumble upon sites about the Wonders of the World, backpacking in Europe, and tourist traps in the USA. Eventually you stumble upon a site about the world’s coolest markets. You’re especially intrigued by “La Boqueria” in Barcelona, Spain – this site says it’s one of the most impressive and visually stunning markets in Europe. You remember that you’ve wanted to visit Spain ever since you were a kid!

Research a destination

To customize your stumbling even further, you can stumble a custom topic of your choosing. Just type this URL in your browser address bar: (you can change “Barcelona” to any subject you want). You’re taken to a category page for “Barcelona,” where you can see the other Stumblers who have stumbled this topic before you and click “Stumble” to see only sites about Barcelona. (If you have the Mozilla add-on, you can enter “Barcelona” in the extension’s text box to search by tag. Learn how to do that here). StumbleUpon then takes you to sites and articles about Barcelona courtyards, street art, and ambience. You realize that you could never have found these sites if you just googled “Barcelona travel”! (But for the sites that do turn up when you search with Google, Yahoo or Bing, StumbleUpon star ratings guide you to the sites Stumblers found most interesting. Just download the StumbleUpon extension for Internet Explorer or FireFox and look for the StumbleUpon logo and stars beside search results to identify the sites recommended by the StumbleUpon community.)

Now that you have all the inside scoop, you pack up your StumbleUpon T-Shirts and get ready to Stumble to Europe – like Stumblers Dave and Deb!

- Posted by Katie Gray, Marketing Communications Manager

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