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U of…StumbleUpon?

Yes, college undergrads, it exists.

StumbleUpon is pretty much the epitome of a college student’s best friend. StumbleUpon helps you find nuggets of wisdom that teach you more than your professor’s lectures, provide the perfect study break and even FEEDS YOU! (Well, basically).

To help you through exams, avoiding the Freshman 15 (and sophomore, junior and senior 15…let’s be real), and just college life we’ve created the UniversityofSU – a source for some of the best content related to the college lifestyle.

With the release of our recent Lists feature, we’ve organized these awesome collegiate Stumbles under the UniversityofSU profile.

Highlights include…

  • Comfort Food Like Momma Makes (even if you don’t have means to cook it, the sight alone is comforting in itself)
  • Study Music…then switch gears to Party Music
  • Welcome to Dorm Life: It’s here, it’s happening – what you need to know
  • The Bizarre and Odd of College: Almost indefinable stumbles, things that are a little bit quirkier.
  • Dorm Friendly Dining: Easy Recipes for your study breaks and late night munchies.
  • My Major is Procrastination for before, during, and after your studying seshs.

    Check the Lists out, Stumble them, follow them – learn, live and love them! Lists are one of our favorite new ways to interact on StumbleUpon. Get started making your own Lists by browsing your Likes and clicking the “+” button on any Stumble tile to add it to a List (at this point make sure you opt into the beta if you want to create Lists – Settings > Labs > Join Beta).

    Let us know your favorite Lists, ones you’d like to see, or share any of your own by tweeting at us at @StumbleUpon.

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