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We here at StumbleUpon get a lot of fan mail and Tweets from our beloved users. Some of the most common Tweets we get from our community are around how you are completely addicted to StumbleUpon to the extent we keep you up late or even fuel your insomnia.

That’s what they all say…

Great Stumbles are meant to be shared. That’s why we’re starting a couple weekly Twitter chats to connect you with other like-minded Stumblers to share the great things you discover across the web.

On Wednesdays from 10pm – 11pm PST and Fridays from 1pm – 2pm PST we’ll be hosting the #StumbleUponAddicts Twitter chat to provide a general “StumbleUpon support group” for those undeniably addicted to StumbleUpon to share their awesome finds. Hey, fellow Stumblers, it’s okay – we’re all here for each other and can get through this together. ;)

Just use the above hashtag while Tweeting to join in on the conversation. You can also use applications like TweetChat to monitor what’s being said around these hashtags.

In addition to the hashtags, sign them with “ – SU username” and tag your Tweets with @StumbleUpon to surface your Tweets even more. This will help other Stumblers find your Tweets and find you on StumbleUpon. Hopefully you will find some new Stumblers to connect and share future Stumbles with. We’re excited for everyone to participate!

Make sure to mark your favorite Stumbles by Liking them and get ready to share!

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