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It’s officially Day 2 of the new StumbleUpon, and we hope you are enjoying our updated design, logo and features. You’ve been giving us your feedback and we’re loving all the input from you, our community. Rest assured that all your comments are being eagerly read and absorbed by StumbleUpon employees, and we can’t wait to keep improving the StumbleUpon experience for each and every Stumbler.

That being said, we wanted to share with you a blog post of the top 5 things you should know about the new StumbleUpon in response some of your most frequent questions and comments so far.

  1. StumbleUpon “Favorites” are now StumbleUpon “Likes.”

    Think you’ve lost your old “Favorites” or can’t find them anymore? Don’t worry – “Favorites” are now called “Likes” in the new StumbleUpon. These web pages can be found on your Profile page under the “Likes” tab on the left hand panel. Try out the new drop-down menu to sort your Likes by Photos, Videos, Additions or Interest to find past Stumbles.P.S. While we’re on the topic of name changes, “Discoveries” are now called “Additions.”

  2. You can find your Likes and your History on your Profile tab.

  3. Stumble History

    On your Profile page you can now easily access a History tab that displays all of your past Stumbles, so even if you didn’t Like something, you can easily find it for reference later. Some Stumblers are mistaking this for publicly accessible information, but don’t worry, your Stumble History is only viewable to you. Enjoy!

  4. StumbleUpon Logo Change

    We know this is a big change, and many of you (like us) had come to love our old blue and green logo. However, as we spoke with our members during our redesign process, we heard our old logo didn’t capture the true experience you had with StumbleUpon – the excitement you feel with every Stumble and the adventure that we take you on. (And just in case you were wondering, we didn’t change it because some users saw a similarity between our logo and Cascade Complete dishwasher packets, although the likeness is uncanny!) While our old logo will be missed, we have also heard from many of you who really like the new logo and feel that it represents what StumbleUpon is to you.  We hope that you will come to love it as much as we do here. Plus it’s going to look GREAT on T-shirts and swag – stay tuned!

  5. How do I get back to the “old” StumbleUpon? How long will there be two versions of StumbleUpon?

    You can currently switch back to the “old” version of StumbleUpon by visiting and clicking the first link in the bulleted list (or just click here). You’ll have this option for a while until all members are switched over in the new year.

  6. How do I get my own Channel?

    Email to request a Channel. It’s still in limited beta, but we’ll keep you updated!

Other questions or comments? Check out our Help Center while using the new version of StumbleUpon to read about how to use the updated site. If you find you’re still having a problem, check out our Known Issues page first and then report it in our forums if it isn’t mentioned.

Hope these tips help and thanks again for your continued support as we work hard to help you explore the best of the Web!

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