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From conservatives to liberals, statists to libertarians, and doves to hawks, Stumblers span the socio-political spectrum, and the content they discover, rate, review and share every day is just as diverse.  Those in the US who haven’t yet cast their vote today and aren’t quite sure where they stand on the issues – or what the issues are! – can use StumbleUpon to better understand what’s at stake in today’s elections.

A great way to learn about your local races is by viewing the content Stumblers have discovered and then tagged under a given candidate’s name. I did this with the candidates running in the highly contested California Gubernatorial Race and was quickly able to learn their differences (and similarities) based on the content that had already been recommended by other politically minded Stumblers. Try exploring content about Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown. Firefox users can select “Search” in the topics menu of the StumbleUpon toolbar and then enter in a candidate’s name to stumble through relevant content that everyone (or just their friends) have marked as their favorites. You can even stumble through a particular issue, like immigration or prop 19, which is a hotly debated proposition that would decriminalize marijuana here in California. If you’re not in California, do the same and explore the candidates and important issues in your state!

If you stumble the “Politics” topic, you’ll stumble upon more general sites that show you information on all the issues without taking sides. One heavily stumbled page that I’ve stumbled upon recently is After you enter your zip code, the site will tell you who all your local candidates are. You then select individual topics, give your opinions on them, rate their importance to you, and the site tells you which candidate is your “Best Match” for each office. (Think of it like a dating site, except this one connects voters with candidates!).  You can then further explore the candidates and get an even deeper understanding of where they stand on everything from Afghanistan to Tax Cuts.  A similar site containing a Voters’ Guide is This site is perfect StumbleUpon material (I first discovered and shared this site this week) so be sure to watch the video all the way through.

Even you more experienced politicos and debaters can use StumbleUpon this political season by thumbing up what you stand for.  By continuing to submit and tag new political content, you can help sway the hearts and minds of your fellow Stumblers and show support for the candidates and issues that matter most to you.

This Election Day, remember that just like with StumbleUpon, whether it’s a thumb up or a thumb down, every vote counts.

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