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Becoming a student – and surviving being a student – can be a tricky game. You’ve moved out of your parents’ house for the first time and suddenly you need to take full responsibility for all your washing, cooking, cleaning and finances – all whilst trying to complete a degree.

Luckily, we’ve created a Guide to Student Living to help you steer through life as a student. In our first edition, we’ll give you tips to help you get your finances sorted and find student-friendly shelter.

So get started to sort out your finances: Stumble “Financial Planning” and read our blog post on “How College Students Can Use StumbleUpon to Budget and Save Money.”

Secured shelter? Congrats! Now Stumble through “Interior Design” and check out our “Design Your Space” blog post for inspiration on what to do with your space.

Stay tuned for the second edition of our guide. And if you are a student in the UK or the Republic of Ireland, enter out contest for a chance to win one of 4 Nexus 7 or £150 Amazon Gift Cards.

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