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We are really excited to announce several additions to our web-bar and Chrome extension that will make your StumbleUpon experience even more tailored to your interests. By adding a few extra options to your thumb-up and thumb-down buttons, we are giving you more power to choose what you want to see at any given moment and, more importantly, to flag down content you don’t want to see or that is generally not good for our community. We’re known for showing you the best content on the web that’s also personalized to you, and we want to keep it that way!

Hitchhike on the main StumbleUpon highway – or take a different route

Hitchhike on the main StumbleUpon highway, or take different routes!

StumbleUpon takes you on a ride through the best sites on the web. When you thumb up a page you like, you are basically telling us what interests you most. Now we’re giving you even more choices about where to go next by adding a More! button, which will dynamically show on your toolbar every time you thumb-up a site. Now think of StumbleUpon as a vehicle that changes its itinerary to where the hitchhiker wants to go, instead of the other way around.

So now when you stumble upon a page, you’re really at an intersection: you can continue on the main Stumble highway by clicking on the Stumble! button again, or you can take other routes of your choice. One of them allows you to stumble only favorites coming from the person who found and rated the page on StumbleUpon. The other one takes you on a journey through sites in the same topic as the page you just liked.

After you thumb-up a site, click on "more!" for additional stumble options.

And if you stumbled on one of our StumbleThru channels, such as Flickr, Wikipedia, YouTube, etc., you’ll also be able to stumble only pages from that domain. Think of this like a side road on your trip around the web! Your topic selector at the top will reflect that you are stumbling in that mode, like a GPS, so you always know where you are. You can always get back to the main road – i.e. change your topic selector back to “All topics.”

The "more!" menu allows you to stumble more in the same topic, from the same user, or from the same website/domain.

Exercise your right to thumb down!

You’ve heard us right: we want you to thumb down sites! It’s just like how Smokey the Bear once said, only YOU can help prevent spam! By thumbing down sites, you’re contributing to  our efforts to identify spam while making other Stumblers’ experience better.

When you thumb-down a site, take your time to let us know why you did it, by selecting one of the thumb-down options.

In this example, I used a picture that I hope none of you will thumb-down, but, generally speaking, the types of sites you should thumb-down are either things that are bad quality, uninteresting, or spammy. Use “Not for me” if you get a stumble that simply doesn’t interest you. It may be good content, but not relevant for you.

“Report Spam” should be used only when you receive a site that is obviously spammy. “Duplicate content” is useful when you stumble a video or an image that you’ve already stumbled before, on a different page or in another context. Use “Block Website” if you don’t want to receive stumbles from a particular domain.

I hope you enjoy the new additions – and remember: the power is in your thumbs! The more you rate, the better your stumbles get!

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