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You may have heard the stat that StumbleUpon drives more traffic referrals than any other social media site. We wanted to shed some light on this by describing the lifecycle of a web page in StumbleUpon, especially how long you could expect the average web page to keep getting visitors.

We’ll let the infographic below do the talking. Please feel free to leave comments and questions. We’d love to chat more with you about these stats!

(You might be wondering why the time-on-site data for StumbleUpon traffic that we’ve shared in this graphic may differ from what you’re used to seeing in your web tracking platforms, such as Google Analytics, WebTrends, Yahoo! Web Analytics, CoreMetrics, etc. It’s because these platforms assign a ‘zero’ time-on-site to all single-page visits, regardless of how long those visitors spend on that one page. Since our community relies on us to help them explore the web by simply clicking the ‘Stumble!’ button – as opposed to navigating on their own by clicking links on a page – true time-on-site for StumbleUpon referrals is significantly underreported by analytics packages relative to other referrers. The data we’ve shared here represents the average “time between Stumbles” – i.e., the time between when one is Stumbled to a page and when one clicks the Stumble! button again to see another page. See our Quora answer on this issue for more info.)

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