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2010 was quite a year of highs and lows – from jubilant victories in the World Cup and World Series to harrowing natural disasters across Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. We experienced great innovations (the iPad, automated cars, the world’s first face transplant) as well as human imperfections (the BP oil spill, the European debt crisis, the highest U.S. unemployment rate since the Great Depression).

Wedding photographer Jason Lee's collection of digitally manipulated photographs of his daughters, featured on, was very popular with Stumblers in 2010.

And through it all, you stumbled. A lot. In 2010, you stumbled nearly 6 billion times and submitted around 20 million new pages. We compiled 50 of the most popular sites submitted to StumbleUpon this year to create a “Best of SU 2010” list that reflects some of the most interesting (and in some cases, unusual) issues, trends, ideas, photos and videos of the year, from Beluga whales blowing bubbles in Japan to a father who creatively captures his kids on film. To check it out, go to the “Best of SU 2010” profile page and click the yellow “Stumble” button in the upper lefthand corner.

2010 has been an incredible year for StumbleUpon: Nearly 5 million people joined the StumbleUpon community, which is now more than 13 million strong. We made it possible to stumble sites and apps on mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone and Android phones; we revamped StumbleUpon Video, StumbleUpon Ads, and our Chrome extension; and we brought StumbleThru to thousands of new sites. We introduced a number of new features many of you have been requesting, like a more robust share panel and a “show me more from…” stumbling option. But we couldn’t have done any of it without you, our users, and we can’t thank you enough. Here’s a New Year’s toast to you, Stumblers! We can’t wait to bring you even more StumbleUpon goodness in 2011!

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