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Here’s a roundup of the top-trending videos on 5by for the month of February.  The second edition of the 5by Top 5 features empowering realizations, how movies would play out in real life, insane feats of human perseverance, self-depreciating celebs, and the truth around engagement rings that’ll have you shaking your head.

Kick back and enjoy, and if you haven’t downloaded the 5by app, wait no more: Here’s the link to video bliss!

Photoshopping Real Women Into Cover Models by BuzzFeed

Movie vs. Life 2 by Golden Moustache

Alex Honnold Free-Solos El Sendero Luminoso by The North Face

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #6 by Jimmy Kimmel Live

Why Engagement Rings Are A Scam by CollegeHumor

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