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What a month it’s been! 5by snagged its first-ever Webby Award for our mobile apps – so if you don’t have them, get ‘em right here: We also have our top videos from the month of April so wait no more and dive in: sensational magic with Ellen Degeneres, a peak at the future of energy, lessons of inspiration from a young athlete, mind-blowing facts about incarceration in the US, and the grand daddy of all dance lessons.

Kick back and enjoy, and if you haven’t downloaded the 5by app, wait no more: Here’s the link to video bliss!

New this month: Share your faves by tweeting at @5byrocks and we’ll reply with some personal recommendations just for you!

Magician Blows Ellen Away.

The Floating Wind Turbine That Will Change the Future.

Truly Inspiring – Nico’s Story

Mass Incarceration in the US is Messed Up.

A-Z of Dance

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