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There’s no better companion in a crowded airport, train station, or living room than the StumbleUpon app for iPhone, Android, or iPad. And we’ve added some great updates over the past several weeks to make stumbling on iPhone and Android phones faster and more social than ever:

Stumble Faster – We’ve made stumbling on your iPhones and Android devices faster and easier, even if your phone doesn’t have many bars at Grandma’s house in the woods. We’ve also made App Discovery on Android faster too.

Stumble More Seamlessly between Web and Mobile – In our latest effort to make the mobile stumbling experience more and more like stumbling on your laptop or desktop, we’ve added the ability for users to follow people from their mobile phones. Plus, you can edit and add new topics and write reviews, just like you do from home. Also, you can discover sites on Android phones – just tap the menu button when you’re viewing a web page from your mobile browser and choose “StumbleUpon” to submit it to our collection.

Find and invite friends to follow on StumbleUpon right from your iPhone or Android mobile device.

Find and Invite Your Friends - Get your phone hoppin’ with stumble shares by finding and inviting friends right from your phone. You can find which of your friends are already on StumbleUpon, as well as invite others to join, by accessing your phone, email, Facebook, and Twitter contacts. We’ve also enabled notifications for shares, so whenever you get a share, you’ll see an alert (on iPhone) or a message pop up on your phone’s home page where you usually get text messages and app updates (on Android).

StumbleUpon would like to wish you safe travels and Happy Stumbling on the Go!

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