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One of the all-time most requested StumbleUpon features from you, our awesome community of users, has been to integrate the Stumble experience into Chrome. So we’re thrilled to formally introduce the official StumbleUpon extension for Chrome!

Install the Stumbleupon Extension for Chrome!

Why did this take so long, you ask? Well, when Chrome was first publicly released in December 2008, the browser did not support extensions. Many of you cleverly worked around this shortcoming by stumbling via our web-based bar.But you were also very clear that if and when Chrome supported extensions, StumbleUpon should be ready.
Then, in December 2009, Chrome Extensions were finally released in Beta. StumbleUpon was one of the Chrome Extension pioneers and, with the help of thousands of early adopters, we worked tirelessly to bring this version up to our standards.  In late January 2010, Chrome Extensions became publicly available to everyone, and earlier this month we released a bounty of functionality and usability enhancements. And now, at long last, Mac, Linux and PC users alike can enjoy an integrated StumbleUpon experience within Chrome! To date, we’ve counted over 120,000 installs of the Chromebar.
While our developers continue to build enhancements into Chromebar, a small handful of familiar features of the Firefox add-on are not yet available in the Chrome version. But insofar that the Chrome architecture allows us to replicate what we offer through Firefox, we’re committed to reaching feature parity.
We’ve also heard some claim the Chrome extension is no different from web stumbling.  Actually, Stumbling via the Chrome extension is quite different from web stumbling in a number of important ways. For one, you can receive shares directly in Chromebar; for another, you can add your own discoveries. Also, frame-breaking sites do not remove the Chrome extension; and the overall Stumbling experience is faster and more responsive. Good stuff, huh?
Riveted by all this information?  Read more about features and known issues on the extension page.  And if you have any questions or suggestions, please direct them here

Happy Stumbling, Chrome fans!

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