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Right now might be one of my favorite times of the year. The sun is starting to creep out, temperatures are on the rise, and a certain high-energy anticipation is starting to build for what’s about to unfold in the next coming months.

Three words: Music festival season.

From April till September, across the nation, the time has come to pull out your favorite pair of shorts, grab your newest fashion shades and hit the festival grounds running (in your most inspired pair of TOMS of course) for a day (or three) of high energy music performances.

The best music festivals lend themselves to warmer months and larger cities. Whether you’re going to Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Sasquatch or Warped Tour, there’s a wealth of content on StumbleUpon that can help get you psyched and set for your festival weekend. With StumbleUpon based in California, I’m lucky to be able to attend and apply my Stumble-gained wisdom to several bigger festivals including Coachella, and Outside Lands.

Counting down to these festivals, I find myself an odd combination of antsy and eager, wanting to prepare for everything that could happen, and yet desiring the unexpected to unfold at the same time. Basically I need an outlet to release some of my pent-up excitement (still have to keep up with “real world” responsibilities, can’t let myself get too derailed).

To quench my constant Coachella thirst, I’ve found myself Stumbling through the Coachella Interest as well as the broader Music Festivals Interest to discover more about these blessed spectacles. Here is a breakdown of my takeaways:

General Golden Nuggets
First up, some general tips that sidestep the ordinary and are things I came across and wanted to remember to do myself:

2) Bring a cheap camera. Disposables are a Pandora’s box of fun memories I get to open later after the fun of the festival is over (but use it sparingly).
3) If you’re camping, identify your tent with some sort of flag or other eye-catching paraphernalia.
4) For campers, “circle the wagon” and have everyone create a ring of your tents or vehicles to create a space that is your own that will discourage others from walking through your site.
5) Be open to making new friends with your neighbors!
6) Know the schedule in advance (obvious, but still on my to-do list for prepping).
7) Bring sunscreen.
8) And probably my favorite: I found this Stumble of essential how-to videos such as “The Survival Guide to Festival Toilets,” “What To Take To A Festival,” “How To Find Your Tent In The Dark,” and the broad “Girls’ Guide To Music Festivals.”

Fashion Favorites
Let’s face it, #FestivalFashion is a major priority. Hunt for your own fashion idea on StumbleUpon or use these links to inspire your fashion persona:

- Essentials: a great pair (or 3) of sunglasses, a solid bag and fun but sensible shoes (I know you want to look cute, keep in mind you will be on your feet ALL DAY).

- Several complete head-to-accessory-to-toe festival outfit ideas for ladies
- Fun fashion-forward inspiration that can be applied to any festival (not just Coachella): 8 Genius Styling Tips For Coachella And Beyond
- Clutch: 10 Coachella Bands to See and What to Wear 2012
- Be inspired to do something eccentric like these Lollapaloozers
- And, guys, we’ll save you the “fun” of finding your festival outfit and sum it up in one great Stumble.

The Muzak
Haven’t picked what festivals you are going to yet? StumbleUpon is great for discovering new festivals near and far that happen every year. I personally learned about new festivals like Shambhala in Canada, as well as numerous electronic festivals. Expand your options even further by browsing this global list of festivals or find one off of this collection of Latin American festival shows.

This infographic, A Simple Guide to Music Festivals, gives you a humorous breakdown on which festival might be appropriate for you. While Stumbling “Music Festivals” in general, you’ll also likely Stumble across various video highlights, panoramic photos, live recordings and reviews like these 10 Awesome & Awful Bonnaroo Moments from past shows that are always fun to give you a preview of what to expect from different festivals.

A good music festival is almost a rite of passage – if you haven’t been to one yet, add it to your “Must Do In 2012” list. Use StumbleUpon’s Explore Box (accessible on your logged-in homepage or in the top right of your web-based toolbar) to enter terms like:

“Fashion” (or Sunglasses, Shoes, Fashion Accessories)
“Indie Music”
“Music Festival”(or Music Festivals)
“Bonnaroo Music Festival” (or just Bonnaroo)
Coachella (or “Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival”)
“Sasquatch Music Festival”
“Warped Tour”

and more to explore fun websites that will help you prepare and get in the festival-going mood.

Got any tips to share with seasoned veterans or the newbies? Leave a comment on the Info page for this post.

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