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You probably already know that StumbleUpon recommends stuff you’ll love from across the Web based on your Interests. But, what you might not know is that giving a thumb up or thumb down to the content StumbleUpon recommends enables us to personalize your experience even more.

We’ve always used these ratings to help us select what we think you’ll like from the huge amount of content and information that’s out there. Last week we launched a new feature that will give you more control than ever over how your Stumbling experience evolves.

From time to time when you rate something, we’re going to make suggestions, like proposing a new Interest to follow or a site from which you’d like us to recommend more content. And if we detect that you don’t seem to like something, we might suggest that you stop following it, or even block it entirely.

Whatever it is, the suggestion will appear right in your browser just after you rate, giving you the chance to take advantage of it right away without interrupting your Stumbling session. And if you don’t like our suggestion, just click “No” and we’ll do our best never to suggest it again!

Consider it your opportunity to tune StumbleUpon to deliver you exactly what you want.

We’re really excited about the potential of these suggestions to lead you down new paths and help you discover more great stuff. We hope you feel the same. We’ll be improving these suggestions over time, so if you’ve got any questions or comments, head on over to our Get Satisfaction Forum and let us know!

P.S. These personalized suggestions are initially only available on our web StumbleBar and the StumbleBar for Chrome, but look for them to make their way to other platforms soon!

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