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Hello Stumblers,

After months of development and Beta testing, we are excited to present the new StumbleUpon!  We have completely updated the interface, geared to be more simple, searchable and social.  The new StumbleUpon preserves the functionality of the previous interface while adding frequently requested features, such as Search Your Favorites.


Our goal was to make the site and the StumbleUpon Add-on easier to use and more intuitive for visitors and users.  We’ve improved site navigation, and navigation within User Profiles, to make it easier and faster to find what you’re looking for. We also think it just looks a lot nicer.



We’ve enhanced Search using community ratings and reviews.   Now you’ll have the ability to Search either within your favorites, your friend’s favorites, or the entire site to discover more specific pages on a topic.

More Social:

We’ve made it easier for you to find the people you know (your real-life friends) on StumbleUpon and have made it possible to find people who have similar interests that live close to you.  Plus, you can get nearly real-time updates from the people you are subscribed to, served in your Recent Activity page (formerly What’s New).

To access the new StumbleUpon from your current Profile page, go to We are planning to permanently transition to the new StumbleUpon in the next month and will send more gentle reminders as the date draws near.

We’d love to hear your feedback, questions or suggestions.  If you have already switched to the new StumbleUpon, please use the new “Feedback” tab, located on the right side of all SU pages.  You can also check out our FAQ page where we answer common questions about the updates.

We hope you enjoy the new StumbleUpon!


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