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Great news for Opera users: StumbleUpon is now available as an extension in this fast and popular browser! After downloading Opera 11 and downloading the StumbleUpon extension, Stumblers can click the StumbleUpon icon in the upper righthand corner of Opera to discover sites whenever and wherever they are on the web.

After installing the StumbleUpon extension in the Opera browser, click the StumbleUpon logo to the right of the address bar. The Web Bar will pop up and you’ll be able to stumble and discover personalized web pages whenever you feel like it!

We’re psyched to be able to bring StumbleUpon to the millions of Opera users around the world! And with web discovery so close at hand in more browsers, Stumblers won’t have to switch browsers if they want to recommend a page to the StumbleUpon collection or discover new web pages recommended just for them.

To install the extension, click this link (you’ll need the alpha version of Opera 11, which you can download here).

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