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Whether you’re a long-time Stumbler or new to the art of stumbling, we’re betting that today’s StumbleUpon Video relaunch will bring you endless serendipitous entertainment, from the serious to the silly. Instead of hunting from site to site for fresh, interesting videos, now you can watch content from across the web, all in one sleek, distraction-free, theater-like interface. It’s just you and the video you’re watching!

“StumbleUpon Video has always been my favorite SU feature,” says Ben Rosenberg, the lead engineer on this project. “There’s so much internet video content out there that it can be pretty time-consuming to find things worth watching; with StumbleUpon Video, good stuff that you might never have seen otherwise gets delivered straight to you!”

The new StumbleUpon Video interface - just you and the video you're watching.

Behind the scenes, engineers like Ben have fine-tuned our video recommendation system to better personalize your viewing experience. Remember to thumb-up and thumb-down your videos just like you do with web pages; the more you rate the videos you are watching, the better StumbleUpon can create a more personalized experience that becomes increasingly tailored to your preferences over time.

And if you want to focus your video-watching, StumbleUpon Video allows you to stumble videos from YouTube, Vimeo, CollegeHumor (and other video sites), plus our newest channel additions: Hulu and TED; through friends’ favorites, where you can easily browse videos liked by your friends on StumbleUpon; or through one of your favorite topics.

To access StumbleUpon Video, go to or, if you’re a Web-bar or Chrome extension user, click on All topics and select Video. If you’re using the Firefox Add-On, go to All > Videos. To access all the video channels, click on the Channels button on the bar located under the video you’re playing in the StumbleUpon Video interface.

The New StumbleUpon Video channels menu. Stumble videos in a channel, your friends' favorites or a specific topic.

So go explore StumbleUpon Video! My favorite channels are the TED channel, which features thought-provoking and inspiring talks by some of the most remarkable people in the world, and the Commercials topic, where I can find some of the most creative and viral video ads from around the world.  What are your favorites?

Note: If you have any questions, check out the StumbleUpon Video FAQ or see what other users are saying in our online forum. Read more about StumbleUpon Video in our press release.

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