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Chrome Stumblers, we have big news for you! Fire up your Chrome browser and go to the StumbleUpon Extension Page to get your shiny new Chromebar! But before you hurry off, indulge us with a few minutes of your time so we can share the highlights of this important release.

StumbleUpon has been on the front-line of Chrome extension development since Chrome was still in Beta. Using your feedback and what we have learned over the last year, we have re-coded the extension from scratch. From the internal engine, to the visual re-styling, we feel it will be a more solid foundation on which to build all of the good stuff we have coming up.

Get the new Chromebar V2!


So, what’s new in Chromebar v2?

  • First and foremost, noticeably faster performance. (Imagine a Ducati blasting past your car on the freeway.)
  • Persistent login in multiple tabs and windows and even after you restart your browser.
  • Persistent shares notification visible on the button that launches the extension.
  • Overall visual re-styling has been improved. (No more of that flashing animated Stumble button either.)
  • Almost no flickering between stumbles. (Chrome’s extension framework prevents placement of a persistent bar in the browser like we do with our Firefox Add-on, so we “inject” the bar into each Chrome page-load. With v2, we’ve optimized this injection so any flicker is almost unnoticeable.)

Persistent share notifications on the button that launches Chromebar.

We hope you enjoy this release and would like to thank the team, our wonderful Beta testers and you, our users, for your ongoing support and feedback. Please don’t hesitate to share your comments!

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Eric Goldberg
StumbleUpon Dev

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