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StumbleUpon is all about discovery and enlightenment with every click of the Stumble! button. Earlier this month the StumbleUpon Community Team packed our bags and headed to the Big Apple to meet some of our favorite bloggers and help them discover New York City. It was like StumbleUpon – in real life! Given that today is a day of remembrance for the disaster that struck this city 11 years ago, we thought it was a great opportunity to showcase some Manhattan charms and facts.

We partnered with the fun and knowledgeable guides over at Free Tours by Foot  and the talented team at Sincerely to host our StumbleUpon NYC Discovery Walking Tours. Our blogger friends took a break from a high-energy blogging conference to join us and “discover” the City (just like they “discover” different niches of the Internet with StumbleUpon!)

Just because you couldn’t be there doesn’t mean you need to miss out. Read on to see the sights and discover some of the coolest facts we learned along the way.

Everyone loved our tour guide John. Julie from Cloth Diaper Geek
said “The tour guide was great! Knowledgeable, quirky and a true New Yorker! Loved him!

John leads the way! Photo Credit

John’s NY Business Tip: Always be prepared to walk away.

St Patrick’s Cathedral was one of the most popular photo stops on our tour because of its majestic beauty, intricate art and interesting stories. John told us that The Catholic Church is the largest landowner in NYC, but they pay no taxes. Donald Trump wishes he got the same break!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Photo Credit

Fact: The Statue of Liberty can fit inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Photo Credit

Fact: St. Patrick’s Cathedral is currently undergoing a $2.5 million renovation

Cartier Building. Photo Credit

Fact: The Cartier building used to be a family home; the company purchased it through payment of a pearl necklace.

John the Tour Guide’s Money Saving Tip: NYC has a 8.5% shopping sales tax *after* the first $110 – jump back in line if you’re spending more than $110 in order to save your dough!

Times Square. Photo Credit

Fact: In NYC you can sell and own land above and below ground, and even air space to ensure certain views and avoid building shadows. (Goes to show everything has a price – even air – in New York City.)

“American Progress” by Jose Maria Sert at 30 Rockefeller Center. Photo Credit

Fact: Diego Rivera’s original work was removed and destroyed because he refused to alter a panel glorifying Lenin. Jose Maria Sert’s “American Progress” mural covers that space.

The bustling streets of NYC. Photo Credit

Fact: 2-3 million people commute to the island of Manhattan everyday.

We had lots of interesting bloggers on our tour but this little guy was our most popular tour participant by far!

Our youngest participant. Next StumbleUpon intern? Photo Credit




Two very different Prometheus statues. Top: the original in Rockefeller Plaza; Bottom: a recreation in the window of the adjacent Lego store. Photo Credit


So many great photos were taken during our walk, so be sure to check out the Instagram stream.

It was wonderful to connect with some of the bloggers who create the amazing content that makes StumbleUpon so educational, enlightening and entertaining. To read a few other first-hand accounts of our tours, check out some of the write-ups by bloggers My Very Educated Mother, Posh Mom, Free is my Life, Tonya Staab, Stress Free Baby and Penelope’s Oasis.

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A special thanks to all those that explored the best of NYC with us – we loved having you and can’t wait for next year!


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