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The StumbleUpon app for Kindle Fire takes full advantage of the Kindle Fire’s vibrant color touchscreen. Just swipe your finger across the screen to stumble to the next site!

We’ve released several StumbleUpon mobile apps over the past few months that Stumblers and press have both enthusiastically praised.  When reviewing our Android app, one Stumbler said, “I love this app and this site! It’s so fun and I find things I never would have on my own. Genius!” Another Stumbler shared that the app “turns boring moments into something moments.” You might say we’re on fire!

Well, now, we’re figuratively and literally on fire – StumbleUpon for the new Kindle Fire is here! If you’ve been debating whether to buy a Kindle, we’ve just given you one more reason.

StumbleUpon for the Kindle Fire makes use of the Kindle’s vibrant color touchscreen by allowing you to swipe the screen to move forward or “Stumble” page after page of amazing content. With the StumbleUpon app, you can discover fascinating photos, videos, web pages and much more, recommended by people who share your Interests.

Our new app features the same great functionality that we’ve built into our other top-rated mobile apps. Pick from 500+ Interests, or type a phrase in the Explore Box to find page after page of amazing stuff related to that query. You’ll discover great articles, photos, videos and more that you can easily share with anyone using StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter or email. So give it a try today! Download StumbleUpon for Kindle Fire now.

Don’t have a tablet? No worries–follow StumbleUpon on Twitter for details on our #StumbleUponFire contest, where you could win a new Kindle Fire preloaded with our app. You can also download our other great mobile apps, StumbleUpon for iPad, iPhone and Android, for free today.

Every day we work to deliver amazing Stumbles with every swipe, tap or click, so please send us your feedback and suggestions and help us keep the discovery fire glowing!

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