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Pretty sure I barely had time to blink before winter somehow ended and springtime sprung into gear. Now with bathing suit season right around the corner, it’s time to get your body working and feeling good. I usually have no problem getting lost browsing all the unique content StumbleUpon recommends to me, but the Nutrition and Fitness Interests took my Stumbling to another level. Being two of our more popular Interests, each has a wealth of content to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Read on to see some of my favorite health-related Stumble finds.

Work Outs
Finding the right exercise can be tough. Fittingly enough, my first Stumble was a quiz to define my workout personality type (“Cardio Queen,” thank you very much). Though I personally love running, I know it’s important to mix it up. To avoid a workout rut I found some great jumpstart workouts, a couple no-equipment-required workouts and workouts you can do anywhere. An intriguingly titled “butt exercise worth doing” and 5-50 Challenge Stumble also caught my eye. You can even have your workout built for you based on your gender and fitness level with My Free Trainer.

Fitness Tools and Moves
Beyond set workout plans, I Stumbled several tools to help me build my own fitness routines, like this article featuring key moves to include. Stumbles like this series of animated images help you visually understand a variety of gym exercises. Get inspired with any one of these hundreds of strength training and toning moves, with each move ranked from beginners to advanced.

StumbleUpon sneakily exposes you to different types of exercise options beyond your typical routine. Some of my favorite discoveries were:

- An 8 minute cardio video

- An equipmentless pilates workout

- The concept of barefoot running as well as a beginners guide to start running

- Yoga moves for your abs (and a side note – while at yoga, don’t do this)

- Special workouts for when you’re traveling

Based on the number of ab-related Stumbles I saw, it would seem the fitness industry may be a bit obsessed with their midriffs. In turn, it only seemed right to give ab-related exercises their own special shout out. Drum roll please for some f-AB-ulous ab Stumbles:

- shares a different ab move with you every day

- Tummy toning exercises from Woman’s Day

- The single best ab exercise for you, and it’s not a crunch?!

- The ab exercise you must try from Men’s Health

Your workout obviously wouldn’t be complete without a solid playlist to energize you and push you through the pain points. Check out this Stumble of great pump up songs or this list of the 100 Best Workout Songs.

Nom, nom, nom
To get the most out of your fitness regime you need to make sure you’re fueling your body with the best balance of foods. Building a meal around one of these 20 superfoods or top 10 smart foods is a great place to start. Need a quick snack? Try one of these 7 Super Snacks That Heal or these easy, healthy snacks.

Want to brush up on your nutrition knowledge in general? This infographic offers a complete guide to the best nutrition for cardio and strength-training workouts. Break down the science behind food with some of the healthiest food combinations and healthy food swaps you can make. Do your homework and understand the calorie count for different foods and restaurant meals via the Calorie Lab. Also make sure to understand what portions you should be eating with this food pyramid graphic and Harvard’s food plate graphic.

Feel like maintaining good eating habits is a constant mental self-battle? I found a Stumble that teaches you about willpower and how to strengthen it. Check out this list to learn what your food cravings actually mean and how to satisfy them. Finally, if you’re in a bad mood try snacking on one of these foods for a pick me up.

Get some last minute inspiration with this Stumble on physical fitness standards for policemen, firefighters and the military – now just imagine being fit on that level! Find some extra motivation with these 10 fitness quotes. And if this graphic doesn’t motivate you to shed a few, I don’t know what will.

Finally, if you haven’t heard about our new fun Channels, you might want to try Stumbling through our “Motivation Nation!” Channel full of more workouts, playlists, healthy eating tips and pictures of cute guys with animals (YUP) to get inspired.

Now that you’ve read this blog post, no excuses – get to Stumblin’ and getting your butt in gear towards a better, fitter you.

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