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Back in March we challenged the StumbleUpon Community to use StumbleUpon for delectable dinner inspiration: if their Stumbled food and cooking Likes impressed us, we would foot the bill for an entire group’s homemade meal! (Read all the details in our “StumbleUpon Wants to Buy You Dinner” blog post.)

The steps for entering are pretty simple: recruit a group of friends, Stumble in our vast index of recipes, and submit a collection of potluck dishes. Submissions are judged on a few key factors, including: the cohesiveness of the menu, theme creativity, the enthusiasm of the crew and how much StumbleUpon clearly inspires the dinner.

For the first round of this foodie’s dream promotion, piles of clever entries poured in from all over the world, making it hard to choose just two groups! We narrowed it down to an “Onion Potluck” and an “Italian Night Dinner.” Here are the accounts of two culinary clans of Stumblers enjoying a dinner made even more delicious because it was paid for by StumbleUpon*. Get ready for the stomach growls…

“Winner-Winner, Onion Dinner!”

Account of StumbleUpon Onion Dinner written by The Rogue Estate. Read the original post here.

Winner-winner, onion dinner! Recently, The Rogue Estate gang entered a contest offered by search aggregate website StumbleUpon, seeking dinner party concepts built upon themes and recipes found using only their web service. The result? WE WON!

My love of onions in all their forms is no secret around the Rogue Estate Kitchens and often the platform for good sarcastic laughs. ‘One of these days, we should do a dinner of nothing but onions, ha ha ha.’ And so it was meant to be, another snotty comment turned hair-brained scheme.

The challenge: using StumbleUpon’s keyword based Stumble tool, find recipes to build a menu for a dinner party. The subject – no kidding – Onions. Not merely recipes that just happen to have onions as supporting players, but recipes of which the onions are the stars, supported by the other ingredients. Additionally, I wanted a full cohesive menu instead of a collection of random dishes or appetizers. Lastly – some variety. Rogue Estate is about culinary exploration, not ‘same old same old…’

This is the full menu we prepared, with StumbleUpon links to the source recipes:

App / Snack

Caramelized Onion & Bacon Dip with Chips

Caramelized Onion & Bacon dip with chips


Shaved Brussels Sprouts and Onion Salad – We added more onion varieties to this, including a fried red onion garnish.


Red Onions stuffed with pork sausage. We showed up Martha Stewart! This is a good reference and we used Corridor Sausage to hit this one out of the park.
Grilled Onion “Steaks” with honey dijon glaze. Ridiculously simple, and quite satisfying.


French onion soup stuffed mushroom caps. Yeah. these things were killer. An awesome alternative to the bowl of soup. Will definitely use this concept again somewhere.

French onion soup stuffed mushroom caps

Sweet & Savory Dessert Cauliflower & Onion Tart. This was a monster, or maybe we were burned out on onions by dessert. Either way we took it over the edge by serving with a dollop of Slow Jams. Cranberry & Red Onion Jam.

We took a bunch of photos, of course… for the sake of laziness, they’re posted to our Facebook Page, of which you are hopefully a fan and if not, show us some thumbs-up love!”

StumbleUpon Italian Dinner – That’s Amore!

Account of StumbleUpon Italian Dinner written by Shirin M.

“Our first StumbleUpon night was super fun. We went with an Italian theme and found that while Italian-inspired accessories are hard to come by, food is not! We made an assortment of dishes, from rich to healthy, small plate to large plate.”

Stumble on ideas for decor, music, and more to take your dinner theme to the next level.


Homemade Pizza

Herbed Olives

Main Dishes

Broccoli Pasta

Chicken Cacciatore

A collage of Italian deliciousness!

Would you like to host your own StumbleUpon sponsored dinner? Fill out the form below and StumbleUpon might buy you and your friends a delicious and inspired meal!

How To Host Your Own StumbleUpon Dinner Party

  • Grab a group of willing and adventurous friends. We’d suggest 5-8 guests. If they are behind the times, be sure they create a StumbleUpon account ASAP!
  • Decide on party and food themes. The sky is the limit here, but you want to ensure there’s a consistent vibe and flavor between the food, ambiance, etc. For example, our theme was “Mediterranean-American fusion,” which made the dishes complement one another.
  • Assign a course to each friend. Be sure there’s an appetizer, main dish, two side dishes and a dessert. If you have enough friends you can make a salad course, a soup course and even a refreshing adult libation!
  • Send your friends these instructions:
  1. Once on the StumbleUpon Homepage (, look for the field that says “Explore an Interest” (aka the Explore Box).
  2. Type ANYTHING into the Explore Box that’s related to what you want to make. Examples: dessert, American food, broccoli, cheese, salad, salmon, etc.
  3. Use the Stumble Button at the top left to start exploring surprising, interesting food ideas from across the web. If you see something you like, but want to keep Stumbling, just Like it. This will save it to your StumbleUpon Likes page for easy reference later.
  4. After Stumbling, review what you’ve Liked and decide on what you want to prepare.
  5. “Like” it and send me the hyperlink (either via StumbleUpon’s Stumblebar sharing panel, or via email) so I can submit it to StumbleUpon’s team.
  • Finally, send us the details by filling out the form below. If your dinner party pitch is chosen, we’ll foot the bill!*

* StumbleUpon will provide an American Express Giftcard to cover all food and beverage expenses plus a stipend for extras like flowers, paper towels, tropical drink umbrellas, etc. Gift card recipients will be notified via email. Terms and conditions are subject to change.

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