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Have you ever found yourself on a site wondering which of the many articles, photos, videos or other content you should explore? Sometimes the amount of information on a page can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know exactly what you want. Maybe you’ve even secretly wished for a ‘magic button’ you could click to see something you’d like…?

It’s for these reasons that StumbleThru is one of my favorite StumbleUpon products. StumbleThru will guide you through the best content from a specific site, based on your individual interests. It’s a unique way to explore content that’s not only more fun than searching through pages by keyword and clicking blindly on links, but can actually be more effective at finding content you’ll really like. It’s a bite-sized StumbleUpon discovery experience, focused on the content from one domain – your own personalized tour of a given site, so to speak.

You can launch StumbleThru for dozens of domains by going to the StumbleThru page. (If you’re using the Firefox or Chrome add-ons or the web bar, you’ll find “StumbleThru” as an option in the same menu where you choose topics.)

We’ve even released the StumbleThru button into the wild, giving sites the ability to host the StumbleThru button themselves. Eligible site publishers can implement StumbleThru using a StumbleThru badge or a custom button, like the one pictured below:

Treehugger, a site about green technology, design, and initiatives, put a custom StumbleThru button at the top of their homepage. Their readers love it!

TreeHugger, a green technology site from Discovery Communications, is one of our first site-hosted StumbleThru partners. They give a great summary of the tool in their blog post and their audience seems to really enjoy the new feature. I gave it a whirl recently and stumbled upon an article about a futuristic automated driving system and a Japanese pedal-powered roller coaster. I have no idea how I would have discovered this stuff on my own! It also was able to figure out that I really like articles about green technology the most, so it sent me more of what I like to read. But don’t just take my word for it: Try it for yourself!

Interested in hosting StumbleThru on your site? Drop us a line at

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