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A Stumbler proposes to his girlfriend with a series of stumbles.

Some of our favorite user stories happen when romance and StumbleUpon technology intermingle (like several of our users who met through StumbleUpon and fell in love – and even got married and had children). When Tyrel, a Stumbler from Wyoming, reached out to us about using StumbleUpon to propose to his girlfriend, our hearts skipped a beat.

The first of series of images shown on Tyrel's blog post stumble asking Marquita to marry him.

Tyrel, 25, met his now-fiance Marquita, 23, through a mutual friend and proceeded to spend an evening hanging out by the lake where they completely hit it off. Six years later, Tyrel and Marquita now live together in Wyoming where Tyrel uses his psychology degree to work with troubled adolescents and Marquita is finishing up dental hygiene school.

Tyrel knew Marquita was the one for him right away, and she knew he was the one for her too. Both Stumblers since 2009, Tyrel and Marquita learned about StumbleUpon through a news article and it quickly became a fun way for them to spend time together. “We found ourselves sharing some of our best moments laughing and enjoying great sites we would find together on StumbleUpon,” says Tyrel.

After Tyrel contacted our community team, our engineers were able to set up a special stumble session in Marquita’s StumbleUpon account at just the right moment that Tyrel picked out. Tyrel selected several sites themed around love and included a funny cartoon, the greatest wedding photo of all time, a video of a dog saying “I love you,” and a graphic with the words “Say yes!” leading up to his final blog proposal. The proposal stumble shows several photo entries, each one with Tyrel holding a different sign that when scrolled through and read in succession reveal the message “Will you marry me?”

Assuming they were just having an afternoon stumbling session like usual, Marquita was completely surprised last Friday afternoon when Tyrel synced with the StumbleUpon team to send this series of web pages to her. Tyrel managed to capture a video of the heartfelt moment of initial confusion, recognition, surprise and happiness, as she realized what the blog post really was. After a moment of endearing nervousness, Tyrel presents Marquita with his grandmother’s wedding ring, which fits Marquita perfectly.

Watch the pure emotion as Tyrel proposes to Marquita – talk about user engagement! ;) 

Marquita and Tyrel took a few pictures and sent them to us right after she said "yes!"

Needless to say, she said yes! “I couldn’t believe it when all of the sudden we stumble on this website with a picture of this guy with the exact same eyes as Ty! You couldn’t see his whole face in the first picture. After that I knew what it was and just lost it. Then I said, ‘Yes, of course!’” says Marquita.

Marquita was so surprised and spent the next 3 hours calling friends and family to let them know the good news. Still emotional from the proposal, Marquita mentioned that even a few days later, she still can’t revisit the blog proposal site, as it makes her cry.

Tyrel was ecstatic over the whole event and reflected, “I am so happy to be engaged to my best friend and I can’t thank you enough for helping me. I’ve been wanting to ask her for the better part of a year, but I knew I couldn’t settle for just any proposal. The whole thing turned out better than I ever could have imagined.”

Congratulations to the happy couple! The whole StumbleUpon team wishes you both the best and thanks you for letting us be part of your special moment!

On Friday, September 2, the StumbleUpon business team watches Sarah’s inbox for Tyrel’s email update on how his proposal was received.

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