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StumbleUpon has a way of awakening your creative side, which sometimes gets neglected when you have to focus on keeping up with day-to-day tasks. This edition of our Stumbler Spotlight features David Smith, who turns to StumbleUpon to find inspiration for his music and grow his technical skill set.

Name: David Smith
Hometown: South London, UK
Stumbles for: Lyric inspiration, composition sites, music technology and technique
Occupation: Musician

What He’s Stumbled Upon:

David singing at one of his musical gigs.

In his words: “A lot of the sites I’ve come across on StumbleUpon genuinely provide useful information and a muse for development of my music.”

His work: Check out his song “Fall On To Me” that was inspired when he was stumbling guitar and music theory pages and found a page featuring some jazz chords that stuck with him.

How has StumbleUpon affected you or become part your daily life? Have an interesting story you’d like to share? Email us at with the subject “Stumbler Spotlight.”

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