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Name: Tommy Griffiths
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Stumbles for: Funny and bizarre material for his morning show on WBIG
Occupation: Radio DJ

What He’s Stumbled Upon:

In his words: “What’s really, really cool about StumbleUpon is that I can select Interests that would appeal to both my D.C. and Norfolk demographics: for my D.C. show I’m trying to appeal to men aged 25-54, so I stumble Interests like Sports, Technology, and Online Games. To target my Norfolk audience (Women 25-54), I select Entertainment, Justin Bieber, Self-improvement, other areas that women are traditionally interested in. My batting average is very, very good in finding something useful on StumbleUpon, whether I can use it right away or later down the road.”

His work: Tommy often interviews celebrities for his morning show, including this recent chat with Steve Carrell. You can also check out Tommy’s blog for hilarious videos and mashups.

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