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Being in your twenties is hard. Okay, maybe not hard, but different. There’s a certain transition in motion where now you’re considered an adult (i.e. you make money and pay bills), but still feel like a kid (i.e. you make money and spend it on this or this or this). Keeping your life in order can be tricky – enter StumbleUpon Lists to help organize my online life.

Sometimes the best insight to this stage of life comes from your peers and various web pages by the Internet gurus. I’ve compiled some of my favorite Stumbles including solid advice, dating tips and every 24-year-old’s personal anthem to guide me through my twenties in the list Things for My Twenty-Something Self.

Being in my twenties I feel it’s only right to consume a ridiculous amount of sweets while I still have some semblance of a metabolism. Friends, I introduce you to Cookie Monster – a list full of all the sweet treats I collect and oggle across my Stumbling sessions. And for those that know me best, I dedicate a list to my favorite treat of all: the Smore-gasboard list.

When I’m not treating myself to awesome treats, I’m treating myself to awesome concerts around San Francisco. To keep discovering new music and take advantage of all the artists who come through my fair city, I’ve compiled a list of Mash Upz and Mixez to store my Stumble music finds.

Some of my other favorite Stumbles have come together to represent my favorite city in the List San Fran Livin, featuring local culture, anomalies and foodie pages.

Beeritos – just some of the brilliant advice you will find in my Lists
on your twenties and San Francisco…

Those are just a few of my favorite lists – and they’re growing! Lists are seriously dangerous and addictive: slot yourself a couple of hours cause you ain’t goin’ nowhere! Check out all of my lists here and make sure to +Follow them to see their great content in your Stumble streams.

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