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Chances are, you already use LinkedIn to manage and stay connected with your professional network. But staying up on the latest trends and tried-and-true industry insights is just as important as being connected to the right people. So when LinkedIn invited us to be a part of their new LinkedIn Today offering, we were excited by the opportunity to help LinkedIn users discover great content that’s relevant to their professional lives.

On the new LinkedIn Today pages launched today, LinkedIn users will find a StumbleUpon section tailored to the industries they care about. Using the curation and recommendation technology with which our community of over 14 million members is already familiar, we’ll suggest the best trending and evergreen content by industry, including Design, Marketing & Advertising, Information Technology, and more. Check out the home page for yourself here.

When you click on the category pages in the new LinkedIn Today, you'll see a StumbleUpon section featuring more industry reads to discover.

We’ve also added a LinkedIn button to our web bar and Chrome extension to help you share content with your professional networks more easily. Just click on the LinkedIn icon to the right of your thumb-down icon to share a site in your LinkedIn newsfeed. You’ll also find this same share button within the sharing panel drop-down menu.*

Now you can share directly to your LinkedIn connections from the web bar and Chrome add-on. Just click the LinkedIn icon to the left of the "Share" button (see green box above).

We look forward to giving users more ways to discover the best professional content online, sparking conversations with their peers that could lead them to new opportunities and ideas. We also want to hear what you think of these new features, so feel free to leave us your thoughts at

*Looking to share via email to your friends? Not to worry! You can still do so inside the sharing panel. Just click the “Share” button, and look for “By email” on the lefthand side of the sharing panel.

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