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Devoted StumbleUpon fans who are also fans of the NFL find their allegiances divided every year when the Super Bowl rolls around. But the good news is that StumbleUpon’s mobile apps (for iPhone, iPad, and Android) help mitigate this conflict as fans find that they can Stumble on the couch or at a bar at kickoff. (That’s partly why we see mobile Stumbling grow every year during the Super Bowl!) For this year’s post, we found that “Honda” had the highest growth in Explore Box Stumbling and we could track the game’s biggest plays by analyzing Stumbling patterns, such as when Manning changed the course of the game in the 4th quarter with his pass to Manningham.

Game Day Winners on the Explore Box

Most all Super Bowl related searches saw a spike in Explore Box activity on the day of the game. These terms include: “Audi,” “Eli Manning,” “Giants,” “Honda,” “Patriots,” “Superbowl,” “Tom Brady,” and “Volkswagen.”

Halftime show star “Madonna” saw a 53% drop in activity on the day of the game (spike the day before). National anthem singer “Kelly Clarkson” showed no changes in search term activity. The same is true for the other performances in the game.

“Tom Brady” had the highest day over day change % in activity from 2/4 to 2/5 with 1725% increase in searches for his name.

The term “Patriots” also had a higher volume in searches on the Explore Box, compared to the term “Giants” on the day of the game.

“Audi,” “Honda,” and “Volkswagen” all had significant increases in search activity on the day of the game, with the highest volume of brand searches going to “Honda.”

Super Bowl Mobile Stumbling Up 6x

Mobile stumbling remained strong while desktop Stumbling behavior decreased after the game began. Last year users Stumbled at 41 Stumbles per second on their mobile devices. This year, that rate reached 237 Stumbles per second. Looks like Stumblers have been liking our mobile apps more and more!

Stumbling Patterns Follow Game Plays

We noticed that Stumbling sharply decreased at key moments in the game – especially during Eli Manning’s 4th quarter throw to Mario Manningham that clinched the game for the Giants. Before that moment, fans were happy multitasking their Stumbling needs with watching the game closely, but once that happened, more eyes were glued to the screen.

NFL Stumbler Fans

This is probably what you’d expect, but male Stumblers also subscribed to the American Football Interest (the criteria we used to designate “NFL Fans” in this chart) Stumbled less during Sunday afternoon and evening than is typical for this demographic. Female American Football subscribers in the same age range weren’t far behind.

Gender Breakdown

Considering Tom Brady’s celebrity status isn’t just tied to his football performance (ahem), we also looked at the gender breakdown of members Stumbling “Tom Brady” on the Explore Box. It’s more females than you’d think, but males still dominate:

As for the car brand terms, males were the far-and-away majority of Explore Box searchers.