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Potterheads and Twi-hards, your unwavering devotion to the realm of dangerous fantasy and crafty magic has sparked the interest of the StumbleUpon team. As we take a closer look at the users who stumble through these topics, which team will ultimately prevail in the long-standing battle between heroic witches and romantically brooding vampires?

Unfortunately for the Twilight fans, the StumbleUpon popularity crown belongs to the Harry Potter team. During our data gathering, we found that there were 9 times more Harry Potter-lovers on StumbleUpon than fans of Twilight! It may be that Harry Potter has been around longer, tends to attract a wider demographic, or is simply better than Twilight (yikes!). But before we begin sharpening our fangs and calibrating our wands, let’s take a look at what we found was true with Stumbler fans of these franchises.

The Age Breakdown

Last time we checked, most of the characters in Twilight were above the age of 500 – perhaps the same is true for its fans? Well, we couldn’t find any Stumblers over 100 years old, but we did find that Twilight fans made up a broader age group compared to Harry Potter fans. While both groups found the majority of its fans to be 19 years old, Twilight fans tend to span past 25 years old, whereas Harry Potter fans seem to diminish after age 23.

Looking at both groups side by side, we see that Harry Potter fans dominate the age groups of 13-15 and 16-20, with Twilight fans dominating all the other groups thereafter.

Coke or Pepsi?

We were also wondering what these fans were also interested in on StumbleUpon, so we took a look at our data and played a game of “Coke or Pepsi?”

Compared to Twilight fans, Harry Potter fans…

Like Coke more than Pepsi
Prefer Lady Gaga to Justin Bieber
Are 1.6x more interested in Weight Loss
Are 1.3x more interested in Pop Music
Are slightly more interested in Babies
Are slightly more interested in Weddings
Are slightly more interested in Hip-Hop Rap
Are slightly more interested in Dating Tips

Compared to Harry Potter fans, Twilight fans…

Like Pepsi more than Coke
Prefer Justin Bieber to Lady Gaga
Are 2.84x more interested in Industrial Music
Are 2.78x more interested in Cult Films
Are 2.59x more interested in Communism
Are 2.55x more interested in Ethnic Music
2x more interested in Gambling
3X more interested in Feminism
3X more interested in Liberal topics
2X more likely to be interested in Ethics


Explore Box Terms Each Fan Group Liked Most



Peanut Butter
History of the Internet
Poverty History
Yellow Flowers


Most Popular Themed Sites

Finally, we’d like to present the most Stumbled sites related to Harry Potter and Twilight (drum roll please!):

The top rated Harry Potter related website on StumbleUpon is awarded to The Parseltongue Translator, a fun little translator that takes your English words and spits it out as Parseltongue! Hiss!

The top rated Twilight website goes to, a comprehensive and popular resource for all your Twilight news and updates!

Don’t forget that you can discover more unique and amazing Harry Potter and Twilight content by typing these terms into our Explore Box.

Thanks for reading everyone. Until next time!

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