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A commonly held stereotype about computer engineers is that we’re not very fashion-oriented people. As one of my engineer friends says, “I wear all black because this way I don’t have to devote any neurons to whether my clothing matches.” Stumblers are a different breed though, and StumbleUpon is a great resource for those who want to learn more.

Senior Software Engineer Dwayn Matthies is evidence that StumbleUpon employees are stylish. Looks like he got some sun the weekend before I took this. :-)

I’m a fairly new devotee myself and have been discovering amazing things at a very rapid rate. I’ve listed a few of my favorite sites that you can find using StumbleUpon below. Most of the fashion blogs I read are more about personal style than what’s going on on the runway or insider news in the industry itself, although there is a bit of that.

Fashion Blogs For Women:

1. Fashion for Nerds blogger Audi is also in the tech industry and says she writes because:

“I work in an environment where fashion takes a back seat to… well, everything. Since stylish clothing in a company full of scientists is a bit like pearls before swine, I decided to create this blog, where perhaps my daily efforts can be more thoroughly appreciated.”

Audi, the author of Fashion for Nerds.

She’s got a great, quirky style and explains each of her outfits really well, which means that her blog is great for people trying to up their personal style. When I first started trying to grow out of my college cargo pants and T-shirt days, my college roommate sent me a link to her blog, and I’ve been an avid reader ever since. Now that I’ve gotten out of that phase, I still read her blog daily just to get new ideas. On top of all of that, she’s a really talented hat maker!

2. Already Pretty is a great blog written by Sal, who focuses on fashion for the average woman with a regular budget, which is useful for those of us who can’t bring ourselves to actually shell out for designer pieces, no matter how gorgeous.

Sal, the author of Already Pretty.

In addition to absolutely awesome daily outfit posts, she gives great advice on body image, reworking your wardrobe and other style questions people have (androgyny, body hair, being cool, how to wear shorts non-casually, etc.). Even though her personal style is somewhat different from mine, I find that her advice is still very helpful.

3. Each post of Smart Pretty & Awkward contains three pieces of advice on how to be smarter, prettier and less awkward. They’re all small and thoughtful suggestions that aren’t huge changes to make, but they can have great effect. It’s not strictly a fashion blog, although her advice on being prettier often involves clothing, but it’s very perceptive and I’ve really enjoyed reading it. Often I appreciate the advice on how to be less awkward more than anything else, because I certainly often suffer from that nerd stereotype!

4. You Look Fab is an amazing blog written by Angie, a professional fashion stylist. She posts once or twice a day, and her posts contain all sorts of useful advice. In addition to style tips and personal outfits like a lot of other blogs, she also posts cute polls, like “Team Heels or Team Flats,” that get readers more involved, as well as advice about the fashion industry, which she has ample experience with. Angie also once a week posts great links to other fashion blogs, so her blog is a great resource for finding more sites to explore.

Me on a typical day in the office. The book is on natural language processing, which I'm currently banging my head against.

For both genders:

1. The Sartorialist is a photo blog of street fashion, focusing on some of the fashion capitals of the world (New York, Paris, Milan, etc). I love how he focuses on ordinary random people just going about their days, and even when shooting runway shows, he gives us photos of not just the models everyone is there to see, but also people in the audience, photographers and so on.

When I first started getting into fashion and decided to start dressing more thoughtfully, I had a bit of trouble with the Sartorialist because I didn’t really understand why certain outfits were noteworthy, or I could see that they worked really well but wasn’t sure why, which made it difficult to translate into my own style. Now that I’ve gotten a better at it, the Sartorialist has been a great resource for new ideas.

2. Hel Looks is a street style blog about fashion in Helsinki. It’s full of bright colors and a huge mix of styles, and each photo is accompanied by a short quote from the subject. I love seeing the variation in both clothing and style philosophies!

3. NOTCOUTURE is part of the NOTCOT collection of design sites. They post multiple times a day, and each post mostly consists of a photo and a bit of commentary as well as a link to where the item or collection being focused on was found. NOTCOUTURE is a great place to see interesting individual pieces, but it doesn’t really give you an overarching view of what’s going on in the industry. But I’ve definitely found some really amazing and quirky designers through the NOTCOT sites.

For men:

From Hel Looks.

1. French Truckers is a daily fashion blog for men. Many of the posts are about individual pieces or collections, but there are also outfit posts, where the bloggers show off their own personal style. It’s a nice mix that helps you both figure out how things work together and also expand your wardrobe with affordable and stylish items.

2. Style Savage is a men’s fashion blog written by two friends that focuses mostly on emerging designers rather than established brands. Their posts contain really interesting analyses of current collections, interviews with designers, journalists and so on, plus their own personal fashion. The photo spreads are awesome!

3. Bryan Boy is a flamboyant and fun blog that I’ve only been reading for a week or so. It focuses on more well-known high-end fashion labels like Burberry and Missoni than the other blogs I’ve linked, so this is the place to be to see the current trends. Bryan also shares his personal experiences in fashion and his own style. I love his out-there fashion sense, but it’s perhaps a bit too pricey for the average reader. I’m endlessly jealous of his travels and his clothes.

4. Men’s Flair is a really amazing online magazine. The writers of Men’s Flair seem to focus more on personal style and trends (such as bow ties or bespoke suits) rather than high fashion and specific designers. I haven’t been reading them for very long, but so far, I like what I see.

I’m pretty new to fashion in general, so if you’ve also got interesting sites or comments to share, I’d love to hear from you! You can take a look at my own attempts to be stylish and random comments on fashion and anything else I happen to think of at my blog.

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