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My passion for interior design comes from my mother. She has always managed to bring a room to life on a budget with an assortment of art, some throw pillows, a couple of colorful vases, and other knickknacks. Rummaging through antique stores for unique decorative items and drooling over transformation tips in home decor magazines are our favorite mother/daughter pastimes.

Nothing wrong with being a Mamma's girl. Here my mom's holding me as a little kid in India.

The “Interior Design” interest on StumbleUpon has helped take our obsession to a whole new level. The best Sunday afternoons are the ones spent sitting on the couch with my mom and a cup of chai, stumbling through a world of suitcase chairs, wine bottle lights, and branch bookshelves. (Side note: it may not seem like it with all this talk about my mother and how much time I spend with her, but I swear I have an active social life. Just wanted to throw that in there. Moving on…)

I am not a designer or an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but the pages listed below have inspired the Martha Stewart in me – and I hope it does the same for you.

Designing a Small Space

I used to associate interior design with luxury and over-the-top mansions (you know, those tricked-out homes you see on MTV Cribs), but the following sites showcase how small spaces (i.e. studio apartments in the city) can be designed with a mix of style and practical functionality:

  • Living Large in a Small Apartment: The colorful coat hanger and terrace seating are my absolute favorites. I wish I had a terrace to transform into an outdoor lounge like that.

StumbleUpon has a ton of sites with tips on designing small spaces.

Home Makeovers

Finding creative ways to bring more personality into my home decor is a lot of fun. I can spend hours browsing through the pictures on these sites searching for ideas I can integrate into my home:

  • Gorgeous Guest Rooms: The decor in these rooms are definitely not cheap, but they are gorgeous to look at. With a little bit of imagination, you can substitute these expensive pieces for some flea market treasures to create a similar effect.


  • Outdoor Style: If you have a backyard, I’m jealous! Check out how you can turn your backyard into a cozy movie theatre – perfect for entertaining guests or hosting a romantic date. I am definitely setting up my backyard like this when I buy my dream home.


No space? No problem. Make a backyard movie theater!

For more general design inspiration, check out some of my other favorites:

And try out these queries on the Explore Box:

  • Interior Design
  • Furniture
  • Home Design Decorators
  • Room Decor

A Design Tip

Because you’ve read this far, I’d like to leave you with a final trick of mine that you can try at home: if you have a million earrings and necklaces, you can use a corkboard and some thumbtacks to organize and display your accessories.


Hang it up on your bathroom or bedroom wall, and it becomes a fun addition to your decor.

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