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Cleaning may not be glamorous or especially exciting but there is a certain peacefulness that envelopes the house when its all tidy and organized. While it may be difficult to get inspired, StumbleUpon makes spring cleaning fun (really!). Here are my favorite finds to get your cleaning zen jump started:

  • Every time I want to start a larger project or something that will take a few days to complete, I always have more success if I have a list. While Stumbling “spring cleaning” in the Explore Box, I came across this HUGE list. This all encompassing list gave me some goals to shoot for and a focus. While I won’t be resealing grout lines, I will be completing 90% of this list and it helped me add some things that I hadn’t remembered to add to my own to-do’s.
  • It’s always important to remember to use “green” ways to clean. I love this Make Your Own Swiffer Tutorial from Little Dear Tracks. These are reusable and, like the post says, work better than the store-bought ones.
  • When it comes to spring cleaning, washing the windows is one of the first tasks that come to my mind. It is also last on the list because I put it off until the very last minute since it is the most difficult job ever invented! This find from Denise at Chaotically Creative has some amazing tips to help you clean your windows like a pro. Hey, with the squeegee she suggests, it might even be fun. I’ll be sure to ask my husband how it went.

And because StumbleUpon is the epicenter of tech savvy-ness and connected people, I found some tips for tidying up your computer and your blog.

  • I actually never knew so much dust and debris gathered inside your computer until mine died. I walked into the computer repair store with my little box of hardware goodness and the technician said “Let’s look inside.” He popped open the side and gasped. He couldn’t see anything. Yikes! I was totally taken aback and wanted to know why no one had ever mentioned you needed to clean the INSIDE of your CPU. Here’s a fantastic article about how to do it so you can give your computer the care it deserves.
  • Lastly, don’t let that all important blog spruce-up be forgotten. Tony from The Top 10 Blog has some ideas that will rock your blog. This probably has me the most excited to do. Your little home on the web needs a once-over every now and then, right?! Check out these excellent tips.
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