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We’ve all been there. You’re Stumbling on your iPhone while you’re on the bus to school, but right when you Stumble upon the MOST. AMAZING. PAGE. EVER, it’s time to stash your phone away and head to class. If only you could have saved that page by adding it to the awesome List you just created on, right? Well, today is a day to be thankful for…Lists have come to StumbleUpon on iPhone and iPad!

Stumblers have already created more than 200,000 Lists on, and today we’re bringing Lists to our iPhone and iPad app. Now you can create and share Lists, add pages to Lists while you’re Stumbling and follow your friends’ Lists all on your iPhone or iPad.

You’ve probably Liked TONS of pages on StumbleUpon, and Lists give you the chance to organize all those pages into personalized collections that are meaningful to you. Whether you’re into Fitness or Architecture, sharing your Lists with your friends helps you express yourself and show what you’re interested in and knowledgeable about. And with Thanksgiving and the holidays right around the corner, creating Lists like Nuffin’ But Stuffin’ or Make It a DIY Holiday is a great way to start planning for all the festivities! If you’ve never created a List before, we’ve helped you get started by automatically gifting you a “Save for Later” List, where you can keep all those amazing Stumbles to go back to later.

To add a page to a List while you’re Stumbling, just tap the Share icon and select “Add to List.” To access your Lists, simply open up your Profile from the menu in the upper-right.

Left: Add a page to a List while Stumbling. Right: Access your Lists.

We’re really excited about bringing Lists to the updated StumbleUpon App for iPhone and iPad, so that even when you’re Stumbling on-the-go, you can easily find awesome stuff and organize it in a way that makes sense to you. Give yourself something to be thankful for this holiday season and install the updated app today, so you can start saving your favorite Stumbles to Lists — wherever, whenever. And don’t worry, Android fans — we’re working on the new StumbleUpon App for Android, which will be coming soon.

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