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If you’re anything like me, you know that deciding how best to sign an email is sometimes even more difficult than writing the email in the first place! After choosing from among “Cheers,” “Best,” the vague and ever-present hyphen, and the seemingly endless other options and permutations, you then must decide whether and how to add a personal flourish to your note – perhaps a nugget of wisdom or a memorable one-liner.

Well, we’re hoping these decisions will be a little easier with the new StumbleUpon Email App from our friends at WiseStamp. With this nifty little browser extension, you can instantly personalize that email to Mom, a coworker, or a significant other with links to your most recent stumble. Your friends and loved ones will even be able to rate and stumble directly from your email. Pretty cool, eh? We thought so.

This is how your signature appears with the new StumbleUpon WiseStamp app. Just sign in with your StumbleUpon username and show off your stumbles in your emails!

How to Get Your Own Signature

Configuring is easy and can be done in just a few steps:

  • Go to WiseStamp and click the Install button (it will automatically recognize whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).
  • Follow the installation instructions specific to your browser. (The steps are different depending on what browser you use.)
  • In the Apps tab, click the StumbleUpon App and then the “Add” icon. Enter your StumbleUpon username in the menu, and then click “OK.”

    That’s it! Your StumbleUpon custom signature should appear automatically in the footer of your emails, so you can share your taste in interesting, beautiful, and informative online content (or, in my case, my penchant for cute dog YouTube videos).

    Stumble On!

    Katie Gray
    Communications Manager

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