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Earlier this summer we wrote about how useful StumbleUpon can be to plan your most inspired travels. A lot of the Stumbles we included are ideal for more lengthy or abroad trips, but some of the best adventures can happen right in your own town, nearby city or state. From planning a road trip, finding unknown natural wonders or creating your own traveler’s first aid kit, StumbleUpon has got you covered for quick weekend getaways.

Wheels Keep On Turnin’

Traveling shouldn’t mean an expensive airplane ride. Some of the most memorable vacations are road trips across a couple states or up and down the coast. Utilize RoadTrip America to find some great road trips, calculate fuel costs and find fun sites to stop and see along the way. If you need some inspiration to decide your first big road trip, pick from one of these 5 drives worth the price of gas.

Another alternative: keep it fun and fit with a biking vacation and plan a short or lengthy trip that matches your fitness level. You can even bring your camping gear with you to save on hotel costs!

This Lonely Planet guide to Route 66 will help you make the most out of this famous drive.

Destination America

It is easy to forget about the old little wonders and exciting trip options in the US when compared with the illustrious draw of an international adventure. The US boasts numerous vacation hotspots that can cut travel time and costs, making for an easy getaway.

Need a destination? Go to one of these 15 places every kid should see in the US that you might still need to cross off your bucket list (no matter what age you are). Also try deciding a trip from this series of city smackdowns to pick the right trip for you from often compared cities like Portland vs. Seattle.

Bet you didn’t know about the Barringer Crater hiding out in Arizona!

Choose a trip from this Stumble of America’s Little Known Natural Wonders showcasing a number of treasures right in our backyard you never would expect. How many have you have been to the Fisher Towers, The Lost Sea or the Two Ocean Pass? My point exactly! If you make it to a more famous natural wonder, the Grand Canyon, make sure to use these 10 tips when visiting the Grand Canyon.

After you’ve picked your destination, cross your fingers and hope one of these 10 craziest hotels in America is nearby for a quirky place to stay, or even plan your trip around enjoying these accommodations.

All-inclusive resorts are a popular vacation option, usually utilized in places like Mexico or the Caribbean, but surprisingly, the US has its own share of these resorts. Check out these all-American options in California, Minnesota or Vermont for a full-package vacation.

Don’t Leave Home Without These Stumbles

Part of the fun of traveling is stumbling onto unexpected people, places and things. At the same time, it pays to be a little prepared before you go to get the most out of your trip.

If you plan to roadtrip, read through these Driving Tips to Save Gas before you spend all your travel allowance on expensive fuel prices. Cut back on hotel costs and bust out this hammock tent wherever you are to get a good night’s rest.

Be prepared wherever you go with this DIY traveler’s first aid kit so that if you literally stumble over you can mend any minor cuts or bruises.

Got a pup you have to leave behind? A service called DogVacay will give your canine companion a place to stay with truly personal care via a host who houses and looks after your dog while you’re gone.

And when you’re out in the great, wild wilderness of who-knows-where, make sure to have these 5 Free iPhone Apps You Need for Family Travel. A quick preview: an app that finds you the nearest bathroom, another to track your travel plans and reservations, one to navigate public transportation, and an instant postcard creation and delivery app – these apps are not just for kids!

Embrace the summer months ahead and use these Stumbles to get out and enjoy some new spots or Stumble your own in our Travel Interest. If you’re looking for some inspiration and advice on international trips, check out these Top 30 Stumbles to Plan Your Summer Travel. Whether your travels take you thousand of miles or keep you local, use StumbleUpon to find the ultimate hidden spots to explore and plan your smartest travel.

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