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We’ve talked about StumbleThru on this blog before, but we wanted to give you a fuller look at how to take advantage of this very popular feature. Plus, we even included over 200 sites that are a blast to stumble through at the bottom of this post. That’s a fraction of the number of sites that you can stumble through, so we’ve also included instructions (and a video!) on how to discover thousands of other StumbleThru experiences. (But if you’re the impatient type, just scroll down and click on a link in the list to get stumbling!)

For those unfamiliar with StumbleThru, it’s a stumbling mode that delivers the best content for you from a specific domain with every click of the “Stumble!” button. StumbleThru takes away all that time you usually spend hunting around a site for something interesting and instead brings the most relevant information straight to you. With StumbleThru, I’ll find content I’ve never seen – nor even knew how to look for – on my favorite sites, and I impress friends and family with my fabulous coolhunting skills!

There are four ways to access StumbleThru (click “play” on the above video to see these steps in action):

1. Click on a featured domain from the StumbleThru page (you can find this page by clicking “Sites” from your logged in home page).

2. Use StumbleThru directly from the web bar or Chrome Bar by clicking All Interests > Sites > A site such as YouTube, CNN or Rolling Stone. If you use our Mozilla extension, just click the “All” button to the right of “Stumble!” and select “StumbleThru.”

3. When you like a site on the web bar or Chrome bar, click the “I like it” button on your toolbar and then click the “more” button that shows up to the right of this button. Then click “from this domain” to start stumbling through just that domain.

4. Type the following link into your address bar, replacing the part that reads “URL” with the domain:

For example, if you wanted to stumble through, you would type in:, load the site, and then click “Stumble!” to continue stumbling through just that site. If you find that there’s a limited number of sites for a domain, submit more.

To help you get what you want out of your StumbleThru experience, we’ve categorized some of the best domains into useful groups such as Food/Cooking, Sports, Design/Art, News, Celebrities/Fashion and more. Pick your category, select a domain, and prepare to be whisked away. But remember, this is NOT an exhaustive list; see steps 1-4 above to discover more sites to stumble through!*


Blogs/Social Media
Design / Art
Green Living/Environment
News Commentary/Magazines
Online Video

*These links may not function properly if you have the Mozilla or Internet Explorer extensions. But simply follow any of the other steps above to access StumbleThru instead.

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