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It may come as no surprise that there’s an unspoken social etiquette to sharing the most entertaining, enlightening, and inspirational content you find on StumbleUpon with your friends, family, acquaintances, and anyone else who enjoys the gift of good content. And really, who doesn’t (other than maybe this guy)? While this etiquette applies to both web and mobile usage, we wanted to highlight the social features available on our iPhone and Android mobile apps. So we’ve boiled things down to a digestible set of six mobile sharing “guidelines” below. Feel free to clip, fold and place in your purse or chest pocket for handy reference on the go. And if you haven’t already, download the iPhone app or Android app ASAP!

Guideline #1

DO look at which friend liked a page in the bottom right of your phone’s screen so you can discuss the site further and personally thank them for liking such fabulous content.

At the same time, friends will be able to see pages you’ve liked, too!

Guideline #2

DO stumble through that special someone’s favorite sites to figure out if you should follow him or her.

He likes only sports content? I’m out! She has a thing for Christian Louboutin shoes? I’d better get a second job!

(You can find this feature on the web bar as well as mobile.)

Guideline #3

DO make sure you’ve seen the latest Internet buzz among your friends by stumbling all of their favorites so you can be the next life of the party!

Double Rainbow meme? Puh-lease, so 2010. Let me show you what’s up.

Guideline #4

DO make sure you aren’t sharing content with busy coworkers who may already have seen them.

Check the “Liked by” tab on the info page to make sure you won’t be wasting their valuable time.

Guideline #5

DON’T be a StumbleUpon hoarder and only share pages with a few friends (rude!). Avoid FOMO! Choose to share to multiple friends at once so everyone can see your fantastic finds and no one feels left out.

(You can find this feature on the web bar as well as mobile).

Guideline #6

DON’T spam your family with shares on tons of different networks. Pick the share option that they use the most so they’ll be sure to see the great content you send. Bonus points for sharing interesting articles that make you look super smart! (You can find this feature on the web bar as well as mobile).

Choose from the new mobile share options like Facebook, Email and “More,” including Google Reader, Instapaper, Tumblr and Twitter.


But wait, there’s more! We’ve introduced some new recommendation goodness for friend stumbling (for both mobile and web), to serve you even more fresh and exciting content influenced by your friends. By keeping the social etiquette of StumbleUpon in mind whenever you stumble, you and your friends will consistently have the best experience possible.

P.S. Need some friends to start getting social? Find or invite them to join you.

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