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Featured image above is from National Geographic‘s 9/11: 25 Indelible Pictures. Ground Zero Photograph by Alex Fuchs, AFP/Getty Images

Ten years is a long time. Think about it: the elementary school kids President George W. Bush was reading to on the morning of September 11, 2001 are now seniors in high school. In 2001, web sites looked primitive and there was no Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or StumbleUpon. Before 9-11-01, generations of Americans had never experienced a significant national tragedy, and today, all that many young children know about 9/11 are the stories from family members and the lessons they hear in class (or perhaps not).

We wanted to make it easier for you to find the most affecting 9/11 tributes, documents and multimedia this weekend as the world once again remembers that horrible day. So we curated a playlist of the most compelling eyewitness accounts, moment-by-moment unfolding of events captured in emergency phone calls and newscasts – and, of course, the chilling photos we’ve come to know too well. We also wanted to highlight some of the lesser known details of that day and the days after – like how the producers and actors of Saturday Night Live felt that their show must go on, how dogs rescued people in the twin towers wreckage, how the Wall Street Journal staff scrambled to publish a paper on September 12, and how the bravery of United 93 passengers prevented a female F-16 pilot from having to give her own life. And of course, the effects of 9/11 continue to impact the daily lives of many people, as this son’s open letter to his late father shows.

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Our thoughts are with anyone still haunted by memories of 9/11, and we hope for peace on earth. Let’s never forget.

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