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Have you ever wanted to recapture the stumble-phoria* you experienced when you stumbled upon those amazing photos of San Francisco, that delicious cupcake recipe, or that magazine article on the hottest dresses at the Oscars?

With the launch of the new Stumble Your Favorites feature today, you can take a trip down memory lane and rediscover the things that have captured your attention, your heart, and, well, your thumbs!

How to Stumble Your Favorites

To stumble through sites you’ve thumbed up in the past, simply go to your Favorites and click on the yellow “Stumble” button. Not on StumbleUpon yet? No worries! You can quickly sign up and start saving your favorites.

To stumble through your own favorites, go to your StumbleUpon profile and click on that big yellow Stumble button.

So when should you stumble your own favorites? Here are a few examples where this feature comes in handy:

For Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

Stumbling your own favorites is like flipping through a photo album from your childhood. You don’t look at it every day, but when you do, you rediscover moments you forgot about. If you’ve been a Stumbler for a long time, you know what we’re talking about. You keep stumbling and, next thing you know, you’ve thumbed up 2,000 sites! This new feature allows you to adventurously flip through everything you’ve thumbed up in the past.

For Research and Presentations

Educators, researchers, and scientists have written our customer support team asking how they can showcase their findings from StumbleUpon in front of their colleagues. For example, a scientist in the UK recently wrote to us asking how to use StumbleUpon to collect ideas for a team project. He wanted a way to stumble through those ideas together with his team. A teacher once wrote asking how he could stumble in front of his class and show all of the sites he favorited that were relevant to the subject he was teaching. These are just a few examples of the inquiries we received. Now, with Stumble Your Favorites, all these ideas for cool demos and presentations are possible.

For Showing Off Your Great Taste!

While it’s true that we recommend the best of the web, you have the final say in what you like and don’t like. Your favorites truly reflect your taste and style. So, show it off!  A lot of users have told us that they would like to show their friends and family the great sites they’ve collected on StumbleUpon. Now you can personally take them on an adventure through your own curated list of great content!

Try it out and let us know how you like it by posting a comment on this blog post.


Xian Ke
Product Manager

*([noun. \st?mb?l-f?ri?\ - intense feelings of delight, wonder, or hilarity while using StumbleUpon])

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